Sapped by rowdy years on the road, rude, cranky, and cantankerous Nellis Gray has a locked steel gate, a pack of scruffy dogs, Chester the pet pig, and every intention of spending his remaining years working his small farm in seclusion. He shuns social contact, until desperate young sisters draw him out of isolation to craft redemption from ruin, for their eccentric family, and save the town from a confederacy of Klansmen, sadistic enforcers for a shady political campaign financed by a big-tent preacher with a global parish and secrets to hide.

World trends and events provide the darkest and most terrifying glimpse of a bleak and divisive future in the history of our democracy. Nellis Gray is the first of three novels that explore insidious bigotry and racism, a brewing revolution by an immense segment of our society who have been rendered destitute and helpless by obscene oppression and excruciating economic inequities, and the blatant revocation of our rights, liberties, hopes, and dreams by a surly tyrant, serving at the pleasure of an exclusive clique of tycoons who acquired the presidency as the ultimate investment. I hope you will join the conversation.

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Islands of the Mind 

Episode VI in the Morgan's Knot Serial Fantasy

The adventure continues!

Under Orana’s guidance, Adrian embarks on a lonely journey to discover his own truth and his role in defending the Powers against the threat of Legio Obscurum’s plans for worldwide domination, while Zepallo organizes an international union of rebel nations to confront the industrial alliance.

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The act of creation is a journey initiated by a wisp of an idea that matures and evolves, with patient persistence, to blossom into a piece of art or music or literature that conveys the world in a uniquely wondrous way. Rick's expressions delight our eyes, draw us into outrageous adventures in fantastic realms, stir primal rhythms, and tickle a childlike curiosity in each of us.

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